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Sunday, 14 August 2011

So what exactly can you "loot" from a closed Nando's?

For my international friends who maybe unaware of the significance of recent events in britian on the political landscape of the region, or indeed unaware of the events in question please allow me to summerise before continuing. On friday the 5th of August 2011 A group of protesters met outside Tottenham police station to raise awareness and vent anger over the recent police shooting of Mark Duggan, a undisputed gang member. The protest turned violent due to an alleged incident between a teenage girl and an officer. This public disorder sparked a wave of riots which spread over the whole of london and the rest of the UK.

The rioting lasted for a total of four days before being quelled by a massive police effort. The riots lead to the recalling of parliment during recess and an emergency calling of the governments COBRA committee. The media coverage of the riots was extensive and highlighted many contributing factors to the violent outbreak such as the use of social networking by gangs in order to organise themselves and a possible "neglected british underclass". Many commentators on the riots also noted that the extensive media coverage could also have been a contributing factor that encouraged continued violence due to its apparent reveling of and in, the information it was recieving.

However, there are some anomalies in the news stories that need to be addressed. Firstly there is the issue of looting. Now, there is no dispute that looting was taking place however the anomaly lay's in whether looting was taking place prior too of after it was first mentioned in the media. The first reported looting was of a Nando's restaurant in Ealing Common, my question is very simple, as there are no police or media images of people running around with bags of frozen chicken or Peri-Peri sauce... what were people looting from the restaurant? Several Nando's restaurants were "looted" during the unrest, which lead to the creation of the Nando's Defence League (NDL) by fans of the popular restaurant chain. T-shirts were designed with a NDL logo on it and several hundred have sold around the UK and Internationally. Whilst I fully agree that it would be too far a stretch, for any sane person, to believe that the famous restaurant chain deliberately desired their restaurants to be attacked for the sake of a few T-shirt sales, I do think that we need to be keeping a very close eye on their insurance policy as if they are covered for loss of sales and the restoration of the buildings then it could be argued that, for the same of economic stability in light of the recent generally declining stock markets, they could have conceivably encouranged attacks upon their own buisness.

The second anomaly that needs to be addressed is the sheer quantity of petrol bombs and other arsonist tools deployed on friday and saturday nights. It is rather inconceivable that enough petrol bombs were made from the time the protest went violent, to sustain a four day long pillaging. This means one very simple thing, that either there was a supply that had already been made that was waiting to be deployed or there was a seperation between those using the bombs and those supplying them so that both processes could run parellel to each other. Either scenario seems to indicate prior knowledge of the major unrest, one by having a reserve of arsonist resources and the other by having an established system ready to suppy the rioters. Any prior knowledge that these riots were going to take place, by anyone, indicates that someone, somewhere has made a profit out of them. Again I would urge people to keep a very close eye on the stock value of whatever construction company is given the contract to rebuild shops and city centre's and to scrutinise that companies role and connections with other sectors especially the media and retail.

The following is a little story wriiten by a friend of mine, whilst it is ficticious and designed to be contraversial, it's content is not an impossibility (though you would need to be an extreme conspiracy theorist to believe it to be fact).

What can you loot from a closed Nanbo's?

the following story is fictional.
About a week ago everyone was still concerned about the hacking and news of the world, as well as distrust in the police (as they were suspected of aiding the hacking), then a few days ago the stock markets take one of the biggest hits since 2008. the situation for several small companies was looking very very bleak. however somewhere, someone very clever has an idea to guarantee the continuence of his favourite restaurant... nanbo's. if a police officer were to shoot a gang member, from a violent gang who would have no fear in trying to fight the police... then if they were to claim that these people were rioting... well then any loss or damage done to the buisness could be wriiten off as an insurance claim. it might sound crazy but it would be a guaranteed income during times of economic unrest and therefore a very safe investment. they could even claim for loss of trading and so guarantee projected profits! but to do this they would need to affect the whole chain, not just the area where the shooting took place. so they call a friend from a well known media group who were about to launch a new newspaper (because they had to stop the one the had been making coz of alot of very bad press about some illegal activities that some of their employees had been doing to gather info) and asked if they could help and they said yes, provided the trouble stated on a saturday so they could use it as a grand opening story for their new sunday paper. the friend said that if you claimed that people were looting then the idea might catch on with other groups and that he would advertise every nanbo's that gets attacked to try and get the "looters" to follow the chain. they still needed the police on their side though, so the friend rang up a high status contact within the police and explained that it would be a brilliant way to reinforce trust once again in the police and would take alot of heat off of them about the whole hacking incident. and so that friday the boy gets shot, and on that friday things start kicking off alot quicker than anyone suspected... the person, the reporter and the officer are happy with their work... then it grows bigger and bigger and bigger. far bigger than they expected, far bigger than they could control. the shop next to the reporters house gets burnt down and so he has to evacuate... he can't finish writing the story so the launch of the paper is delayed. not only are nanbo's being attacked but also several other shops and landmarks, this was not what the person wanted... and the police are supported... but out of pity, not respect. then another company gets thinking, "our stocks are down as well at the mo... guaranteed income would be very tasty", so they direct the looters to a giant warehouse and distribution centre which they set on fire and burn down, tadaa insurance claim and guaranteed income once more... next morning their stocks, and nanbo's stocks, stablise. PM gets called back from holiday and the police get reinforced with an extra 10,000 people. riots and looting stop... things may have got a liitle out of hand but everyone got what they wanted in the end. no-one's talking about the hacking, public confidence is restored in the police... and nanbo's is still up and running, after their two week refurb and redesign paid for out of the insurance money :-)
and in a dark room the reporter called up his friends at joogle and L-phone and says "i did what you asked, i gave jack-berry a bad name and their stock price is now plummetting... now hold up your side of the agreement...give me the code's so i can see people's text messages!"...
makes you wonder... what can you loot from a closed nanbo's?

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