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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Enterprise zone's?

This blog entry is very short, my apologies in advance.

In a society based on production where manufacture is the primary industry, an area or space of involuntary labour, whether that be due to force or the lack of ability/oppotunity to sustain oneself without labouring, is referred to by the emotionally charged term "Labour Camp".

We live in a society that is not based on production but instead based on services, the intermediary industry providing mediums of sale and the services required for such sales (i.e insurance, fiscal products, clarical and secritarial services, sales assistants, etc). These sales can be of almost anything, even other services, such as education (we provide the teachers) or medicine (we provide the doctors).

The big question that I wish to pose is, what would be the equivalent of a "Labour Camp" in a service society?

What would we call an area or space of involuntary service, involuntary due to the lack of ability/oppotunity to sustain oneself without providing service?


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