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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The arcane solution to all social issues: Remediation


I am nearly certain that politicains of the past invented this word so that it could be used, at times like these, to sound very impressive and as if they have discovered some incrediable solution to all of the social issues around. What remediation actually means is very simple, "to remedy, cure or treat usually via educative means", In simpiler terms it means to give people schooling.

What this signify's is the beginnings of the stratification of the post-secondary education system. Those who naturally progress to A-Levels and then BA's are viewed as normality and those who do not are viewed as damaged and so require "remediation" so as to rehabilitate them onto the "correct" path of life, whether that be them completing the former qualifications later on in life, or whether that be accepting that they are less educated and therefore undeserving of gratification of a high salary and generally less beneficial to society.

Educational stratification can also be called intellectual segregation, where the highly intelligent are kept separate from those who are not. The issue with this stems not only from an ethical standpoint, that people should be defined by their intended actions rather than their genetic intelligence, but also from a scientific one. Intelligence is a subjective term and whilst I may have an IQ of 134, my knowledge of immunology is compariably lower than that of a biological scientist who's IQ maybe considerably lower. That same biologist may end up finding cures for very many diseases and save thousands of peole's lives, whereby it is highly unlikely that I will find the cure for any biological disease. How is it right to say that I am better than that person then, simply because I have a greater intelligence? How can it even be claimed that I have a greater intelligence? Surely it is more intelligent to dedicate you life to finding cure's for diseases and in so doing furthering the medical ability of humanity, than it is to large segments of your time writing a "blog".

So what really is going on?

At the momemt, remediation is being considered for those who, the government believe, have a high chance of committing crimes. This does not mean to say that they need to have committed crimes in order to be sentenced to involutary remediation, only that they are at high risk. Remediation already exists with the criminal justice system for those who have been found guilty of criminality.
In my previous two post's I mentioned two possible aim's of the government, one was the gentrification of area's of the UK and the other was the possibility that the government maybe trying to criminalise having low economic means. If the latter is enforced then the involuntary remediation of all of those with low economic means may follow. Remedial educational facilities tend to be separate to general educational facilities, thus the result would be the separation of the lower class from general educational facilities occupied by the middle and upper classes. Whilst I am definiately no Marxist, this is certainly beginning to look reminiscient of the theorie's of the aforementioned.

Separated from general educational facilities, driven out of their homes due to gentrification and criminalised because they are poor... These are not simply measures to limit riots or to increase the economic stability of the UK, they are the same segregational techniques employed in central europe in the 1930's, however I believe that the aim is slightly different here than there and is one that has never actually be acheived.

Proletaricide. A word you will probably never have come across before. It means the destruction of the lower class within a society and is normally precidented with an attempt of simple ethnocide, which is the attempten destruction of their culture.

In easier to understand terms, Tony Blair's 'war on terror' was an attempted ethnocide of the culture of terrorists and when this failed it lead to the attempted destruction of the people of that culture (i.e. the terrorists). In the same way I fear that when David Camerons attempts at ethnocide of the culture of the lower class fails, he will resort to attempting to destroy the people of that culture.

Mr Magic

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