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Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Voice for The Voiceless

Whilst I have never been one to lend a hand to those who place the lives and rights of animals above, or even at times on par with, humans, I do accept that animals have a nervous system. That they feel pain and to some extent joy. I do not follow on from this that they should thus be under some supreme protection where by we cannot use them (provided that they are not endangered) for experimentation or food, I disagree almost whole heartedly with the vegan utopia that is so often displayed by those standing for "Animal Rights". Simply put, we are also animals and it is clearly within our nature (because we do and as such the point is self evident) to consume meat which means that it is clearly within our nature to kill animals. By defying this very element of our own nature we are defying part of the "natural order" which the Vegan dream so demands that we follow. Thus we end in a dichotomy.
In terms of animal experimentation, which people associate with unnecessary cruelty, what we are killing/using animals for is in essence the same reason that we have always killed them for, which is to consume them to prolong human life, whether that be in terms of an individuals digestion or by a scientist using the carcass/creature to find a cure for some life shortening/ruining disease. Yes there is often animal pain involved but it is (as it should be) minimal and by this I do not mean that special measures are put in place to monitor and reduce animal pain but that the pain is not the focus, the purpose for the experimentation is the focus. In the same way as eating is the focus when we are talking about killing animals for meat. As such, finishing the experiment in as short a time as is scientifically acceptable for the purpose of speedily finding cures also just happens to keep as short as possible the length of time that the animals are in pain. Again, in the same way as when killing for food, the faster the animal is killed the quicker it can be eaten.
What I am opposed too, however, is killing or pain for superficial reasons. Putting animals in pain because you want to look better, killing for the vanity of a Trophy. This is simply an extension of barbarism as far as I am concerned, particularly when we are talking about trophy hunting which, incidentally, is almost totally concerned with hunting animals which are or have been considered threatened. It is this particular issue that this post is designed to address and it is being written for one very particular purpose.


I was unaware of this until I saw an unfortunate video, on an unfortunate website. Now a few facts need to be cleared up. I am yet to have found evidence of this particular range partaking in anything that would be considered illegal, however almost its entire premise and execution is repugnant if considered morally. What is really interesting about this particular safari service is that they (or in particular Frikkie himself) integrates hunting with Christianity. Indeed you can even go on a seven day "Provider for Chris Hunting Adventure" where you may kill and slaughter, behead and mount in the name of your Deity.

I can understand the desire to experience the African plains and to be in the presence of some of the worlds most majestic creatures, I can even go so far as to see how creationists may consider the experience to be godly or religious, however my empathy stops when a gun is then loaded and part of that majesty is blasted into oblivion and its corpse desecrated. I cannot see the morality in this, only the most basest form of selfishness and twisted supremism. This is not an argument to say, as the Vegan dream again dictates, that we should not have any affect on the world, but I would say that we shouldn't go out of our way to have a destructive effect which is exactly what these people are doing actively and without remorse.

There is also a continuous stream of mis-information given by such "outfitters" exaggerating greatly the dangerousness of many of these animals. If they really wanted to hunt an animal based on its dangerousness then how about the mosquito? The animal responsible for the most human deaths in the world (about 2 million a year). Or perhaps the Asian Cobra? Responsible for nearly 50,000 deaths per year. Or The Box Jellyfish? The Black Widow Spider? No, hunted animals are not being hunted because they are particularly dangerous, they are being hunted because they LOOK fierce. They APPEAR to be dangerous but are actually mostly docile. A Great Stag only ruts for around 3 months of the year and the rest of the time lazily grazes. Lions hunt once every few days and spend the vast majority of there time relaxing under the shade or by a pool. If you really are under the impression that a Tiger is a terrifyingly dangerous animal that must be killed lest they mate and grow to such a population that they start eating human children!... then I advise that you consult the following vidoes:

Not the image of the man killing monster you may have previously had of this rather docile animal.

To conclude I will end with one simple truth. That barbarism is a highly transferable skill.

Mr Magic

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