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Whilst this blog has received a huge amount of interest from the general public, I have also received requests from both Journalists and Journalist Students alike regarding the sourcing of my information and the background research/editorial processes that I go through before publishing new articles. I do have to say that this is not as exciting as it sounds with most of the work being the verification of the truthfulness of all information received, which normally means very long email conversations between myself and people that do not want to talk about what I want to talk about.

I considered the best way to detail my editorial processes however, bearing in mind that there is no specific formula that I follow, I have come to the conclusion that the best way for me to show you how I make articles is to allow you in on the process as it happens (so to speak). With this aim I have established three types of "subscriptions", each of which allows you to see various degrees of my analytical processes.

Regular Subscription: 

If you choose to be a Regular Subscriber, you will be sent a monthly email detailing all the news articles that I have researched/analysed for that month from external public domain sources along with all of the analysis of each article that I have made. In other words you will see what I consider to be significant news and events as well as what I consider to be "superficial" or distracting from something else that is important, and what specifics within each article I consider to be important and why. It is this political commentary that has made the Mr Magic Blog world renowned and this subscription gives you access to a far greater "in-depth" version of this commentary. 

Journalist Subscription:

This subscription gives you universal access to all of the Mr Magic Project files including incomplete articles that did not meet deadline or standard, articles that are pending publication (the only exclusion being articles under immediate consideration (within 24 hours till publication)) and longitudinal works in progress. Please bear in mind that this package will give you access to, and I take no responsibility for how you use, a vast amount of information that is unsubstantiated and that could potentially lead to legal repercussions if published as is, this information is offered as fiction and does not represent the views, nor is it supported by the views of, Mr Magic. This package also gives you access to exact copies of all original correspondence received by and sent in regards to the Mr Magic Blog with omission being made only of correspondence relating to articles under immediate consideration, my real name and, on occasion, the name/contact details of the source.
This package is not advised for anyone who is not familiar with the legalities surrounding the handling or publication of sensitive information. 

Student Subscription:

As you can undoubtedly see, my legal department were rather involved in the wording of the description of the Journalist Subscription. This is because a lot of the information held in the Mr Magic Project files are currently unsubstantiated "claims" or "theories" which could lead you to being sued, or worse, if published. Due to this, the Student Subscription has been designed to allow Journalism Students access to all the benefits of a Regular Subscriber as well as limited access to the Mr Magic Project files. The limitation being no-access to articles that did not meet standard or are incomplete nor access to copies of original correspondence. In other words access is given to articles that are pending publication (the only exclusion being articles under immediate consideration (within 24 hours till publication)), that are longitudinal works in progress and that were completed post deadline up to standard. In this way you are given as much protection as I can give you from inadvertently breaking the law. Please bare in mind that if you do publish or try to pass off any of the articles accessible as your own, even though they are currently unpublished documents, you would still be committing plagiarism.

Once you have subscribed to any of the above subscription types, please send an email, from your preferred email address, to stating within it your pay-pal username and Subscription Package so I can validate the email. It is to the email address which you provide that I shall send the contents of each subscription. If you do not email me but still subscribe, I shall endeavour to contact you for an email address however if this fails I maybe forced to cancel your subscription.
You may unsubscribe at any time.